LEGAL Translation Services

Diseno Attestation provides qualified legal translation services in Qatar . Our experience with large legal document translation Qatar is very wide indeed. We have a special department that works precisely for managing your document translations and a variety of localized projects.

Types of Translations:

Legal Translations

A legal translation services is a translation that has been legally verified for use in official purpose. We have legal translators with legal degrees and have a fantastic experience in practicing law.
Thus we can suggest our customers the top-quality translations of their legal documents.

Documents that require certified translation services might include:
1. Immigration Papers
2.Birth certificates
3.Marriage certificates
4.Divorce certificates
5.Official academic transcripts
6.Regulatory documents
7.Informed consents
9.Research data forms
10.Case report forms
11.Case report forms

Technical Translation

Desino Attestation provides resolutions for your technical translation needs. We offer private, specific, and technical translations covering a variety of documents which contain professional terms particular to a branch, trade or industry.

Our technical translation services can cover:
1. Technical manuals
3.Operating instructions
4.Technical regulations

Our technical translators have proven experience and a dense understanding of specific fields of expertise. We have widespread technical knowledge in disciplines such as law, engineering, medicine, finance, telecommunications, IT sectors, sports, commerce and many other specialized professions. Your texts are translated by people who know your industry and understand your business.

Research Translation

Our translators pay attention to the vocabulary, grammar, lexis, and style of your document. Diseno Attestation can translate your thesis or research into other languages to guarantee you are making a global influence.


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